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Investment Success Tips for Freelancers

Investment Success Tips for Freelancers

Investment Success Tips for Freelancers – For freelancers, this investment is also another way to get a steady income, with this everyone must have a financial planning strategy.

Financial planning should be done by anyone, no matter what type of job you are. If you are a professional, employee or businessman, we must have a financial planning strategy that is tailored to our income or income. But what if our income doesn’t stay like freelancers?

“This is a major problem for freelancers who find it difficult to achieve their financial goals. Therefore, start you who are freelancers planning finances from the start and must be able to allocate the money. Starting from financial allocation, emergency funds, protection and investment, “said financial planning, Rizqi Syam, in his written statement, Friday (19/2/2021).

Freelance workers, not only can they make a measurable financial plan, they can also keep investing to develop their financial condition. Here are tips for freelancers to keep investing.

1. Why is investing so important to freelancers?

There is a miracle in the world of investment that we can feel, namely coumpounding interest. If we want to accelerate our financial goals, Rizqi suggests that we should be able to open up more sources of income. Don’t just rely on one source of income.

“By investing it allows us to get income from investment results,” he said.

2. The allocation of freelance investment must be greater than that of permanent employees

Rizqi said that as a freelancer you should allocate a bigger income for investment compared to permanent employees. Why is that?

“As freelancers, we are required to allocate income, at least for the next 6 months, and this future income is outside of the emergency fund,” said Rizqi.

Many freelancers are struggling with their financial arrangements because they don’t have the future income they allocate. Every time you receive a payment for your work, it feels like money is abundant but if there is no allocation for investment it can be dangerous in the future.

“That’s because they don’t budget for their future income and this could backfire on us,” he said.

3. Determine your financial goals before investing

The thing that usually confuses someone when they want to start investing is determining the investment product. What products are suitable for other people may not be suitable for your financial goals. Each product’s financial goals will be different.

Make sure you have calculated in advance the value that is in accordance with the financial goals, inflation, timeframe, and the return that we hope to achieve.

“If we have found the answer, then we choose an instrument to diversify in order to minimize the risk,” said Rizqi.

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4. Find out as many financial product questions as you can from independent advisers

If you already know your financial goals, find out as much as you can about financial and investment products. In order to be safe, you don’t choose the wrong choice, the key is to deepen the education of financial products.

Rizqi suggested that it is better to join a class organized by a financial planner or advisor. This is important so that you can get an independent opinion on financial products. Don’t ask about financial products only to the seller of the product, because every trader will always say that the goods are good.

5. Ask the following questions in order to choose an investment product that suits you

After getting to know various kinds of investment products and their benefits and risks, you can consider which product to invest in. Now is the time for you to match the product to your financial goals based on several measures.

Investment Exchange Fraud Mode

Investment Exchange Fraud Mode

Investment Exchange Fraud Mode – With the popularity of investment at this time, of course there will be individuals who take advantage of this situation to gain unilateral benefits.

Stock or stock investment has recently become the prima donna. Moreover, the stock market or the Indonesian Stock Exchange’s Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) has soared above 6,000 and has promising profit prospects.

But you have to be vigilant, huh. Because in 2020, the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) has blocked as many as 1,191 domains of entity sites that do not have a business license as futures brokers.

Head of the Bureau of Legislation and Enforcement, Bappebti M. Syist, explained that based on the observation and supervision of the fraud modes in stock exchange investment trading, which are often carried out, can be categorized into three types.

1. Stock investment under the guise of futures contracts or crypto assets

First, investment offers under the guise of futures contracts and / or crypto assets. These entities use the internet, SMS, chat applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, social media and YouTube to offer investments to the public.

Syist said, this mode of investment usually promises a fixed income; sharing of profits and high profits from futures contracts, crypto assets, and / or selling and buying of crypto assets that do not meet the requirements set by Bappebti.

This mode also uses a member get member system, a pyramid scheme, a ponzi scheme or money game, and the funds collected only rotate between members without being transacted in the field of commodity futures trading. The priority is to focus on attracting new members to cover the investment of old members.

“Apart from that, this mode also offers investment packages which are usually divided into silver, gold and platinum packages. The community will be lured with a profit of between 5-20 percent or even greater in a certain period of time. This system is a form of fraud that will not last long, ”said Syist.

Be careful, the fraudulent system can be carried out by duplicating the website and using a company name that is similar to that of a futures broker that has a business license from Bappebti.

“This company claims the fake legality by displaying logos from government institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, the Investment Coordinating Board, the Financial Services Authority, Bappebti, and so on to attract and convince the public,” said Syist.

The company is impressed as a legal futures broker. So, for prospective customers who are not observant, after the money is transferred they will then be taken away.

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2. Fraud in the investment market without Bappebti’s permission

The next category of fraud mode is conducting business activities in the stock exchange trading sector without having a license from Bappebti. These entities conduct offerings on internet sites, social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This scam also created YouTube video content to introduce the Bappebti unlicensed futures broker. The content is packaged with a podcast model, tutorials for registering, deposits, transactions, to withdrawals at futures brokers that do not have permission from CoFTRA.

The mode used in this category is through stock exchange trading activities by offering commodity futures contracts, forex, indexes, options, and crypto assets.

“Most of them become introducing brokers (IBs) from foreign futures brokers by including the legality of foreign regulators. Registration is done online because they do not have an office in Indonesia,” said Syist.

This mode is usually carried out by individuals who claim to be traders, the trader community, and / or forex educational institutions. Meanwhile, funds are deposited through personal, corporate, and / or exchange accounts.

“Even though these entities claim to have legality from foreign regulators, to be able to carry out business activities as a Futures Broker in Indonesian territory, each party must have a license from CoFTRA,” said Syist.

3. Fraud with trading software or robot mode

In addition to the two mode categories mentioned above, Syist continued, currently there are offers of forex trading software / software or trading robots advertised in various national media. The software is claimed to be able to provide maximum benefits and minimize risks from forex trading.

Syist said the software can also analyze forex transaction data several years before, and can make stock exchange investments automatically (auto pilot) and provide large profits without disturbing the daily activities of potential investors.

“It needs to be remembered by the public, the use of forex trading software also has a risk of loss that could occur. Before transacting, the public is required to have adequate knowledge and skills in commodity futures trading. The public must first understand the mechanisms and risks, “said Syist.

Things You Must Know Before Sharia Investment

Things You Must Know Before Sharia Investment

Things You Must Know Before Sharia Investment – Sharia investment has become quite popular at this time and it is rumored that it will continue to increase and improve, with the spread of this news that many investors are investing in sharia.

Finansialku’s financial planner, Harryka Joddy P said that early this year the potential for sharia investment will continue to improve. There are many reasons that predict the investment climate will be fresher.

First, a reduction in Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate at the end of the year. In addition, positive sentiment also came from the COVID-19 vaccination program that was initiated.

Not only that, the government is currently optimizing the SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund) institution to attract investors and market players’ optimism for government programs to restore the national economy.

So, considering this is a good time to invest, let’s get ready. For those of you who are just interested in sharia investing, let’s get to know first what sharia investing is. So, what is the difference between ordinary investment?

1. How to recognize Islamic investment?

There are many types of Islamic investments ranging from Islamic deposits, sukuk, gold, Islamic mutual funds, to Islamic stocks. If you now want to invest in the stock market but according to Islamic sharia principles, you don’t need to be confused.

An easy way for novice investors who want to invest their funds in accordance with sharia principles is to view and refer to the Sharia Securities List (DES). List of Sharia Securities is a collection of securities that do not conflict with the principles of sharia in the capital market stipulated by the OJK and MUI.

“From there, we just have to choose what instruments will be analyzed and purchased to have a sharia investment portfolio. Currently, there are many Islamic investment instruments that can be easily accessed by the wider community,” said Harryka.

2. What is the difference with ordinary investment?

What distinguishes it from ordinary investment is that all forms of sharia investment must comply with the principles and principles of sharia and be bound by the fatwas and provisions of the National Sharia Council-Indonesian Ulema Council.

One example of the principles and principles of sharia that must be fulfilled by sharia investment instruments is to avoid elements such as maisir (gambling), gharar (uncertainty), usury (addition), and so on.

3. What does it have in common with conventional investing?

Harryka explained that basically, sharia and non-sharia or conventional investments both aim to gain future profits. They are also legal and legally protected investment vehicles.

Sharia investment can also generate profits in accordance with investment characteristics such as coupons, dividends, capital gains, in the form of profit sharing. Both can also cause losses for investors depending on market conditions.

“The most obvious example is during a pandemic and crisis like this, almost all investment instruments experienced a significant reduction in the profit sharing rate,” he said.

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4. Then which is the best Islamic investment?

Harryka said that the best choice is in accordance with our financial goals, be it the short, medium and long term. Also adjust the risk profile of each instrument with our risk tolerance.

“For example, Islamic stocks that have a high enough risk level are suitable for investments with long-term financial goals of over 10 years,” said Harryka.

5. Why is now the right time to invest in sharia?

In general, this is considered a good time to invest. The first reason is the decline in Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate at the end of the year. In addition, positive sentiment also came from the COVID-19 vaccination program that was initiated.

Not only that, the government is currently optimizing the SWF (Sovereign Wealth Fund) institution to attract investors and market players’ optimism for government programs to restore the national economy.

Apart from that, especially for Islamic investment, there is an even stronger reason. The government is currently boosting Indonesia’s sharia economy. In May 2019, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo launched the 2019-2024 Indonesian Sharia Economics Master Plan.

Important Stock Investment Tips For Beginners

Important Stock Investment Tips For Beginners

Important Stock Investment Tips For Beginners – The stock investment trend is one of the most popular investments today among millennial, with the rapid development of stock investing, many beginners want to try these stock investments.

Millennials who are currently active on the stock exchange are commonly known as retail investors. For those of you beginners who are just about to enter the world of stocks, it is better to first learn how the capital market works, especially stocks.

In addition, understand five basic tips in stock investing to find out the risks you will face when you become a stock investor. Come on, take a peek at the tips as follows!

1. The stocks that you buy are in the blue chip category

There are three categories of stocks, namely first liner stocks or what are called blue chip stocks, second liner stocks and third liner stocks which are also known as fried stocks. When you want to buy stocks for the first time, try to buy blue chip stocks.

Companies that are included in the blue chip stock category are market leaders who have been in the capital market for a long time. Usually the company’s performance is good, the profit generated increases and is diligent in distributing dividends to shareholders.

2. Learn the fundamentals and technical basics before buying stocks

Continuing from the previous tips, the reason that makes blue chip stocks good is because they have good fundamentals. You must be able to analyze the basic fundamentals at least from the value of Debt to Equity Ratio, Price to Earning Ratio, Price to Book Value, Earning per Share and several other important aspects.

Like the slogan held by investors, namely ‘In fundamental we trust’. If you want to be even more proficient, you can start learning how to share technical analysis, which is no less important.

3.Avoid the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) phenomenon

In investing in stocks, there is also the term FOMO or a fear when we miss something fun. This means that people may be feeling high when they have lots of lots in stock A that are actually profitable. Instantly you don’t want to be left behind and buy the stock.

Unfortunately, it’s not a profit, in fact, you experience a loss because you buy at the top price. The tip is not to try to catch a train that is already running, but wait for the next train that will depart. This is an analogy for avoiding losses like a train that has gone fast earlier.

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4. Follow Warren Buffett’s adage in investing

Always remember the adage of veteran investor Warren Buffett “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”. That is, when people are afraid when the stock is down or red, it’s time for you to start adding ammunition by paying regular installments for shares because it means the stock price is being discounted.

The popular term is called dollar cost averaging (DAC), instead of selling stocks. Conversely, when the portfolio starts to return to normal and even gets high profits, then you can sell it.

5. Don’t easily trust stock recommendations or ‘stock pompoms’

One thing that must be understood is that you do not easily believe in share recommendations from other people. You must have your own fundamental analysis to buy stocks.

Often times, a share recommendation or the issue of a stock’s price going up is used by certain parties only to boost the share price. So, don’t be easily consumed by stock pompoms, huh.

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments – With the development of the era of classic motorbikes, they also have rapid price developments, with that many investors have made classic motorbikes as material for investment.

Classic motorbikes do not die. Even though new motorbikes with contemporary designs continue to appear, classic motorbikes remain captivating. That’s why the classic motorcycle market is never empty of enthusiasts.

Some classic motorbikes are still being targeted at used motorcycle exchanges. The everlasting design, high durability, and historical value make these bikes the target of collectors.

1. Yamaha L2 Super

Before the RX King became the king of the streets in the 1990-2009 era, Yamaha had produced a two-stroke L2 (series) motorbike. This 92 cc engine motorbike officially paved to the country at the end of 1976. At that time it was still originally assembled from Japan.

L2 has adopted the autolube lubrication system technology, aka the side oil is separate from the fuel tank. Just like the Kawasaki Ninja 2 not. While the transmission is 3 speed with a headlamp, stop lamp and round turn signal.

The success of the L2 led Yamaha to launch the latest versions in the early 1980s, namely the Yamaha L2G and L2 Super. At that time, the L2’s toughest rivals came from the Honda S90 (4-stroke) and the Suzuki A100 (2-stroke).

2. Yamaha DT 100

Yamaha DT 100 is still the belle of classic motorcycle lovers. This trail motorbike is equipped with a 100cc engine. Yamaha launched this motorbike starting in the 70s and until now it is still a target.

Anyway, this motorbike is increasingly popular after appearing in several big screen films to become a trail bike icon at that time. Now the DT 100 motorbike can still be found on online buying and selling sites for Rp. 15 – Rp. 25 million.

3. Honda CB 100

This Honda motorbike is also still at the top of the hunt for classic motorbikes in Indonesia. Especially when it appeared in the film Dilan, making this motorbike more and more hunted by classic motorcycle lovers.

The Honda CB 100 entered Indonesia around the 70s. A very simple and minimalist design is the main strength of this motorbike. For those of you who want to own this motorbike, get ready to spend IDR 10- IDR 20 million.

4. Kawasaki Binter

The Kawasaki KZ200 or often called the Kawasaki Binter Merzy is one of the legendary motorbikes that are still in demand today. Including the luxury motorbike of its time. Kawasaki Binter began circulating on the streets of the country since 1980.

Even though it only lasted six years of sales, the Kawasaki Binter still has enthusiasts to this day. Because this motorbike is usually used as a cutom motorbike, because its 200cc engine is famous for being stubborn. Currently the Kawasaki Binter has a market price of around Rp. 15 million – Rp. 30 million.

5. Vespa PX 150

The presence of scooter matic in Indonesia did not make classic scooters lose their prestige. Scooter lovers are definitely no stranger to this one motorbike, yup the Vespa PX 150 is one of the best-selling PX series. Even though there was a new version of this series in 2012, the classic version of the PX 150 is still a game.

This Vespa PX 150 has been a legend in Indonesia since the 80s. Having an everlasting design, the PX series is considered to be the most perfect by lovers. The price of the Vespa PX 150 is currently priced at around Rp. 10 – Rp. 20 million.