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Exciting Korean Drama with Many Seasons

Exciting Korean Drama with Many Seasons

Exciting Korean Drama with Many Seasons – Korean dramas are indeed becoming films that are currently popular, Korean dramas often display an amazing image with an interesting storyline.

Known to have a short number of episodes, in fact there are several KDramas that air more than two seasons. The storyline is exciting to the enthusiasm of the audience, which is the cause of the release of Korean dramas with many seasons. Interestingly, almost all KDramas with multiple seasons have a fairly high rating when aired.

1. The Penthouse

Premiered on October 26, 2020, this KDrama has an unpredictable plot twist. During its broadcast, the three seasons of The Penthouse always managed to achieve high ratings.
The fun thing is, you can enjoy the story that is lifted in the drama The Penthouse on an ongoing basis. Many senior Korean artists are believed to have starred in him such as Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Yeon, to Eugene.

2. Voice

Unmitigated, this drama made by OCN even has more than 3 seasons. Lee Hana is still lined up to play the female main character, Kang Kwon Joo. While Lee Jin Wook played the main male character until the third season.
Then Song Seung Heon replaced Lee Jin Wook in the fourth season. Voice was then remake into a Japanese drama in 2019. During its broadcast, this drama received a fairly satisfactory rating.

3. Reply

The three series from the drama Reply never disappoints to watch! The three series, Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988, have different storylines and make them fun to follow.
You could say that this drama is full of stars. The reason is, there are many names of famous Korean actors and actresses who have starred in it. Such as Seo In Guk, ‘APINK’ Eunji, Yoo Yeon Seok, Go Ara, Hyeri, to Park Bo Gum.

4. High Kick

This drama has three series where High Kick 1 premiered on November 6, 2006 with a total of 167 episodes. Meanwhile, the last series aired in 2011 to 2012.
There are many famous Korean stars who have starred in the drama High Kick. Like Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo, and Park Min Young in the first series. Hwang Jung Eum, Daniel Choi, and Yoon Si Yoon in the second series. Until Lee Jong Suk in the last series.

5. Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat has three seasons where the first season aired in 2013. Followed by the second season in 2015 and season three in 2018. Airing on TVN, Yoon Doon Joon is believed to play the character of Koo Dae Young from the first season to the third.
This drama will focus on Koo Dae Young, an insurance marketing and “Let’s Eat” culinary blogger who is good at describing the taste of food. In each season, Let’s Eat always begins with Dae Young who is told to move to a new place.

Things to Pay Attention to in Mutual Fund Investment

Things to Pay Attention to in Mutual Fund Investment

Things to Pay Attention to in Mutual Fund Investment – Nowadays, more and more people are making investments that can benefit themselves when they need it in the future. As we know, mutual funds have become an investment instrument favored by novice investors. There are a number of reasons why mutual funds are an investment instrument favored by novice investors.

1. Impairment

The first thing that novice investors should pay attention to and watch out for before investing in mutual funds is the decline in value. This decline in value itself can be regarded as a risk that can occur to all mutual fund investors.

So, why the decline in value can occur? In a statement, the Bank OCBC NISP Wealth Management Team said that the decline in value occurred due to changes in asset prices in it.

2. Liquidity

The second thing that novice investors need to pay attention to before investing in mutual funds is liquidity. Liquidity problems can occur when the investment manager is late in providing funds for investors to make disbursement payments or redemptions.

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3. Default

Default is the third thing that novice investors need to pay attention to before investing in mutual funds. This risk can occur if the investment manager is unable to pay the coupons and principal that you have invested because of investment losses.

For that, before deciding to invest in mutual funds, it’s a good idea to look for investment manager products and companies that have been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In addition to minimizing the possibility of default, investment managers registered with the OJK can also prevent novice investors from making fraudulent investments.

4. Economic and political situation

The economic and political situation is the fourth thing that novice investors need to pay attention to before investing in mutual funds. The economic and political conditions of a nation will usually have a direct impact on the investment world, and mutual funds are no exception. If conditions are not conducive, it could be that the value of profits will decrease. On the other hand, if the conditions are good, then the profits you get can also increase.

Understanding the Order of How to Play Slot Gambling

Understanding the Order of How to Play Slot Gambling

Understanding the Order of How to Play Slot Gambling – Online slot gambling games currently do have quite a lot of fans, this is because online slot gambling games are exciting and profitable games.

Do you like playing in the most complete Online gambling Slots as you know all games related to this online slot game. if not, then you can test understand it. The problem with the rules of playing slot games online is that every time you log into the dialog the rules related to slots and the techniques associated with playing online slot games by a lot of people don’t have much knowledge of casino games.

Most of them have to do with whether the answer is after the creation of a collateral cycle, a calibative cycle to spread some coins in the bag. If the test to get the background of the fame of the slot game as well as the great success of this machine has been for many years. So very well, it will be obvious the plain terms of the slots will be as important information that you will be checking at this point.

Because playing qqslot games is not easy to get coins, insert it into the machine and after that press the fatigue button. and also totally coincides if you just lost your money. For a technique that can be seen in real life, the first step to playing slot games is to determine the scale of your guarantee. and if you are a beginner in slot games and you are looking for directions to practice playing slot game techniques

It is a good situation for you to keep in mind every time that the collateral is the minimum you can switch from 1 machine to another and easily move in the guarantee price circle at least up to the maximum guarantee. if you plan to play a game of the same scale in all the games you have observed before

As well as you don’t understand if you don’t read the articles related to the rules of slot games like I explained this time. Have you ever noticed why slot betting rules are so basic nowadays. All this explains, you have to do is just press or press the dizzy button and ignore the slots around for a few seconds and after that you’ll get a mix of brand-new emblems behind the scenes.

Understanding the Order of How to Play Slot Gambling

How to win a certain bet

Techniques that make sense in online gambling games must be used by players in order to increase the fun function. Slot games are a very powerful plate because we can get a wide variety of game techniques. With that in mind, the numbers must ignore the technique of the slot function and the results can permeate the game. Well, of course there are ways to succeed. Playing slots online is the most important because the trailing center of the slot plate on the line can give you the chance to win.

Of course, the Hand Technique of choosing accurate slot play in the prevalent line is better then the player has an alternative to succeed. Not always players can trust Lucky to play on a gambling site’s slot schedule, so they have to ignore a technique that has definitely changed for the better. Slot games are getting online getting rid of online jackpots as a result Players have to grow up ignoring the paths that are being used successfully. Tan-perfunctory technique is hand-chosen to play online slots so can’t accomplish anything to get started with this technique.

Well, the exact path to success is that the player must focus on the root goal, or the number that will be led to the goal slot online as a result can get a close shot from it. then each player also has a different objective function so it is worth Focusing By the goals that have been planned by the numbers. Most of the goals related to the goals achieved as a result require ignoring the power level of the online slot games as a result which is ready to make the subject cautious.

Not only that, Players must deserve, deserve, deserve, must, naturally, have to get rid of plate slots online is very difficult. Not all online slot games will benefit the player because it can be sealed with the success of the player. Exceptions are also tied to the power of numbers because every online slot game has a fairly different level of disaster. Therefore, look at the genus of online slot games that should be avoided because of the minimal players. Of course, players will get spaces because they choose 2x easy online slots.