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5 Vintage Cars With Futuristic Designs In Their Era

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5 Vintage Cars With Futuristic Designs In Their Era – The design of the car from year to year has its own characteristics. Old cars usually don’t pay much attention to the aerodynamic side and tend to be stiff. But who would have thought, before modern cars have cool designs like now, there used to be several car designs with unique designs, even somewhat strange.
However, the supporting features are sophisticated, you know Otolovers. You could say, the existing features are decades ahead of the year the cars were created.

Well, here are a series of uniquely designed vintage cars

1. BMW Gina

This car is a concept car that was first revealed in 2008. Gina itself stands for “Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptions”. Interestingly the shape of this car can change according to the speed and exterior conditions. This is because the chassis cover is made of flexible, elastic, and water-resistant materials.

2.Lancia Stratos

The design of this car is quite unique. Moreover, the distance to the ground is only 13 inches. Because of this, the door on the 1970 Lancia is placed on the windshield. With such a small and short body, it makes sense, right, Otolovers?

3.Firebird XP-21

It seems that the design of this car is inspired by a jet or rocket The body of the Firebird XP-21 is designed with a bubble cabin, with tail fins and aerodynamic wings. The Firebird XP-21 was produced in 1953 and was an experimental project to utilize a car with a gas turbine.

4.Oeuf Electrique

Electric vehicles have been around since 1942. Paul Arzens designed the Oeuf Electrique, which translates to ‘electric eggs’ in Paris. The design itself is quite unique, this electric egg uses a tricycle and glass around the body.

5.Ford Model 18 Speedster

The Ford Model 18 Speedster was produced in 1932 and has several unique features for its time, and has even become a standard in today’s era, namely the use of push buttons. The design itself is very unique and beautiful. Even arguably far from the impression of old school.

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Nostalgic car

  • Toyota Corolla DX
    This one sedan can be said to be one of the cars that is quite dreamy. Especially for those who have memories from the 1980s to 1990s. The car which is the fourth generation of the Toyota Corolla is currently one of the most popular cars. Are you one of them?
  • Honda Civic SB3 / Wonder
    The car, which was first introduced in 1983, is also a nostalgic car. Many people are looking for this 2 door car to rebuild. There are those who restore their original state, there are also those who build this car to be modified. As an old car, this car has quite a lot of porous point disease.
  • BMW E30
    The car, which is famous through the film Si Boy’s Note, became one of the iconic cars in the 1980s to 1990s. Box-shaped and simple, the BMW E30 seems to never disappear its aura. In 2020, many people buy back this one German car.
  • BMW E36
    The BMW E36 is a family of the 3 series, or the next generation of the BMW E30. BMW E36 is considered to have a fairly sporty design, and has a strong young soul. No wonder many millennials are eyeing the BMW E36 to be modified. In addition, the BMW E36 is also often used for drifting racing. Now, the price has gone up.
  • Mercedes-Benz W123
    Still from the sedan family, Mercedes-Benz with the body code W123 or best known as Mercy Tiger is also one of the nostalgic cars. First launched in 1976 to 1986, the Mercy Tiger was considered one of the luxury cars of its time. No wonder so many people crave this one car. Especially for the 280E variant with automatic transmission whose current price has reached hundreds of millions.

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments

Collection for Classic Motorcycle Investments – With the development of the era of classic motorbikes, they also have rapid price developments, with that many investors have made classic motorbikes as material for investment.

Classic motorbikes do not die. Even though new motorbikes with contemporary designs continue to appear, classic motorbikes remain captivating. That’s why the classic motorcycle market is never empty of enthusiasts.

Some classic motorbikes are still being targeted at used motorcycle exchanges. The everlasting design, high durability, and historical value make these bikes the target of collectors.

1. Yamaha L2 Super

Before the RX King became the king of the streets in the 1990-2009 era, Yamaha had produced a two-stroke L2 (series) motorbike. This 92 cc engine motorbike officially paved to the country at the end of 1976. At that time it was still originally assembled from Japan.

L2 has adopted the autolube lubrication system technology, aka the side oil is separate from the fuel tank. Just like the Kawasaki Ninja 2 not. While the transmission is 3 speed with a headlamp, stop lamp and round turn signal.

The success of the L2 led Yamaha to launch the latest versions in the early 1980s, namely the Yamaha L2G and L2 Super. At that time, the L2’s toughest rivals came from the Honda S90 (4-stroke) and the Suzuki A100 (2-stroke).

2. Yamaha DT 100

Yamaha DT 100 is still the belle of classic motorcycle lovers. This trail motorbike is equipped with a 100cc engine. Yamaha launched this motorbike starting in the 70s and until now it is still a target.

Anyway, this motorbike is increasingly popular after appearing in several big screen films to become a trail bike icon at that time. Now the DT 100 motorbike can still be found on online buying and selling sites for Rp. 15 – Rp. 25 million.

3. Honda CB 100

This Honda motorbike is also still at the top of the hunt for classic motorbikes in Indonesia. Especially when it appeared in the film Dilan, making this motorbike more and more hunted by classic motorcycle lovers.

The Honda CB 100 entered Indonesia around the 70s. A very simple and minimalist design is the main strength of this motorbike. For those of you who want to own this motorbike, get ready to spend IDR 10- IDR 20 million.

4. Kawasaki Binter

The Kawasaki KZ200 or often called the Kawasaki Binter Merzy is one of the legendary motorbikes that are still in demand today. Including the luxury motorbike of its time. Kawasaki Binter began circulating on the streets of the country since 1980.

Even though it only lasted six years of sales, the Kawasaki Binter still has enthusiasts to this day. Because this motorbike is usually used as a cutom motorbike, because its 200cc engine is famous for being stubborn. Currently the Kawasaki Binter has a market price of around Rp. 15 million – Rp. 30 million.

5. Vespa PX 150

The presence of scooter matic in Indonesia did not make classic scooters lose their prestige. Scooter lovers are definitely no stranger to this one motorbike, yup the Vespa PX 150 is one of the best-selling PX series. Even though there was a new version of this series in 2012, the classic version of the PX 150 is still a game.

This Vespa PX 150 has been a legend in Indonesia since the 80s. Having an everlasting design, the PX series is considered to be the most perfect by lovers. The price of the Vespa PX 150 is currently priced at around Rp. 10 – Rp. 20 million.