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Most Popular Investment in Indonesia

Most Popular Investment in Indonesia

Most Popular Investment in Indonesia – In Indonesia, there are lots of investments that can make your future brighter. In investing you have to be more thorough in looking for even to start. The following is a list of very popular investments in Indonesia

1. Short term investment

As the name suggests, these investments are made over a short period of time, less than five years. Usually short-term investment goals, including marriage, vacation, or emergency funds.
For short-term investments, you should put your money in investment instruments that are lower risk, liquid or easily liquidated, such as gold, time deposits, money market mutual funds, government bonds or ORI.
So, if you need funds at any time or urgently, you can sell gold, withdraw deposits or sell mutual funds. Invest in low-risk instruments, don’t expect big profits.
The level of profit or return on low-risk investment instruments is minimal. For example, the average profit for money market mutual funds is around 4-6% per year.

2. Long term investment

It is the opposite of short-term investment. This investment is suitable for those of you who have future financial goals, such as buying a house, children’s education costs, retirement funds, and others.
Long-term investments take more than five years. In this case, you can place your funds in the right investment instruments to achieve these goals with greater profits, such as stocks, stock mutual funds.

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3. Stock

Stock investment is one type of investment instrument known as ‘high risk high return.’ This means that this investment has a high level of risk, but provides high returns as well.

The profit from investing in stocks really depends on market movements and the performance of the company whose shares you hold. That’s why there are terms capital gains (profits from rising stock prices) and capital losses (losses from falling stock prices).

In contrast, the profits from stock investments fluctuate, depending on market movements and the performance of the company whose shares you buy. For example, you buy shares of a mining company at a price of Rp. 1,000 per share for Rp. 20 million.

Then you get 200 thousand shares or 200 lots (1 lot = 100 shares). If in a year this stock increases in price by Rp. 200 and becomes Rp. 1,200 per share, then the shares are sold, you will make a profit of Rp. 40 million.

These profits are potentially higher if you keep the stock in the long term. It is possible that the stock will move up and you get hundreds, even thousands of percent profits.